Legal Practice and Access to Justice


The project is split into two lines of research that are coordinated by professors Talita Rampin (Faculty of Law/University of Brasilia), Rebecca Lemos Igreja (Faculty of Law/University of Brasilia) and Camilo Negri (Department of Public Policy Management/University of Brasilia):

1. Mapping of the profile of legal assistance in the Legal Practice Center of the Law Faculty of University of Brasilia;

2. University Legal Practices and Human Rights: an empirical study on the experiences of legal practices centers in public institutions of higher education and human rights education. The research's primary objetive is to analize the relation of the models of university legal practice centers with access to justice.

Its secondary objetives are:

  1. Mapping the experiences of centering legal practice in public institutions of higher education that offer degrees in Law;
  2. Analyzing local experiences of legal pratice centers developed by three public institutions of higher education: the University of Brasilia, the Federal University of Goiás (both in the Goiânia and Cidade de Goiás campi) and the University of Southeast Goiás;
  3. Analyzing models of center creation identified in the experiences analyzed;
  4. Analyzing human rights education in the selected experiences.

Both projects plan the profiling of those who seek the support of the Legal Practice Center and of the cases treated. Furthermore, it has the objective of delineating the meanings of justice and the trajectories in search of rights recognition. The projects are complemented by a broad research of the social context of those assisted.


Research Coordinators: Prof Talita Dias Rampin (FD/UnB)Prof. Rebecca Lemos Igreja (FD/UnB), Prof. Camilo Negri (GPP/UnB)

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