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The Latin American College of Global Studies, a FLACSO-Brazil program, is an international, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary academic space, especially in the Social Sciences and Humanities, oriented towards the reflection and analysis of the conditions for production of inequalities and their effects on the different dimensions of social life, as well as mitigation strategies in the global context. Thus, as a necessary development of its activities, the College constitutes a space for reflection on the very making of Latin American Social and Human Sciences, and the role of the area and its researchers in the international scientific field.

The Latin American College of Global Studies, and its School of Higher Studies Global Inequalities and Social Justice (PPG-FD/UnB and CAPES PrInt), were inaugurated on September 11th, 2019, at the University of Brasilia's Faculty of Law.

For an innovation of the knowledge production in the Social and Human Sciences

The College is a center for global Latin American studies based on a new way of conceiving Latin American Studies that highlights its potential and importance for the production of knowledge in the world of Social and Human Sciences worldwide. It takes into account, in particular, its contribution to the understanding of major global issues, such as development, inequalities and social justice, among others, that affect different regions of the planet. We believe that, given its special characteristics, such as the regional perspective, interdisciplinarity and the promotion of comparative and multi-situational studies, Latin American Studies are in a privileged position to deal with contemporary problems that afflict countries in general. In addition, they can contribute to the production of critical thinking to renew the Social and Human Sciences themselves, promoting a reflection not only on the relevance of their theoretical and methodological frameworks, but also on their place and that of their researchers in the academic world, in a global social context of devaluation of scientific production, especially caused by conservative, utilitarian and capitalist market interests. Social and Human Sciences seek to reposition and strengthen themselves in this context and Latin American Studies have much to contribute, from their experiences, to the worldwide academic production. 

Latin-American Studies and Global Studies

Our proposal is also based on the dialogue between Latin American studies and the recent Global Studies, which are being consolidated in several universities around the world. The College seeks to position Latin American thinking within the scope of Global Studies, which also presupposes a broad, interdisciplinary and anti-Eurocentric perspective on the effects of economic, social and political globalization at global, regional and local levels. Global Studies seek to advance in a perspective that is capable of promoting multidimensional analyzes of social phenomena characterized specially by intense processes of human mobilization and hegemony of financial capital.


  • Promote a center of debate and scientific production in global studies, in order to contribute to the understanding of different realities, from a Latin American perspective.
  • Promote an international research and discussion network, based on the production and internationalization of the Social and Human Sciences and on interdisciplinary participation;
  • Promote the exchange of international researchers, professors and students;
  • Promote innovation in numerous areas in the field of public policies;
  • Incubate and disseminate interdisciplinary investigations with an international character;
  • Develop databases and share with the community in general;
  • Facilitate the interaction of academia with the various actors of civil society and social movements;
  • Promote joint publications and collections of works that address current issues and matters of general interest;
  • Organize international seminars, workshops, mini-courses and other joint activities.

About Us

The Latin American College of Global Studies, a FLACSO-Brasil program, is an international multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary academic space, within the Social Sciences and Humanities, ith focus on the subject of inequalities, its causes, effects, and mitigation strategies. Read more


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